IKEO was developed with the intention of helping people save money and speed up recovery in times of need. Our founders have done a significant amount of community work and decided to build an app that helps people help others by allowing friends to borrow excess items. We believe in collaborative consumption and the sharing economy by actually sharing and consuming responsibly. I know that might sound redundant but the truth is, when you share something for payment, you are really renting the item, thing, or service. We want to make REAL sharing easy and bring back the trust between people. This means, you aren’t charging for the item you are loaning but you have list of people who have things you have lent to them and can send a reminder to have it returned.

We also include the feature to Buy and Sell your extra items using PayPal payments directly to you. IKEO charges a small 5% fee for using our platform so that we can further develop the technology and pay for the hosting fees. The Buy and Sell feature between friends is what we see as natural commerce. This gives the chance to sell an item to a friend cheaper. This means working with friends more and with anonymous people less. We see your social network as an active marketplace that is currently being under utilized.

IKEO allows a user to list FREE items, for friends to come by and just pick up something free of charge. If you are looking at purging or minimizing your space. This is an easy way of giving to people that you know who might be in need. List your item for free and see who in your social network might want it. In addition to sharing, you can give away things you no longer need. Sometimes you don’t want to get rid of a moderately priced item just because it has value, lets say childrens clothing, a crib, etc. and you don’t want to donate it to just anyone. Put it in your inventory, perhaps a friend is looking for one but doesn’t know you have it. You can give certain things to strangers, but it feels nice knowing you can help someone you know too.

IKEO’s search function is a powerful tool for thrifty shoppers. Search in your social network to see if one of your friends is Giving, Selling, or Sharing what you are looking for. This saves you money because you don’t have to buy it at retail price. Someone else’s excess is possibly a friends current need.

The concept came up when I had just moved into a new place and needed to get setup. I borrowed things from different people so I could save some money by not purchasing something I would only use once. Over time, I ended up forgetting I still had one or two things left. The app was built to help remind myself and the person I borrowed from that I still had their items.

If you are loaning an item(s), use our app to keep track of it.

IKEO also has the capability for a private list of items. This Private inventory can be used to keep tabs on items covered by your renters/home owners insurance. Use the Optional fields to populate the purchase price and upload receipts. In the future we will have a way to export the private list is csv format.

Please be responsible and only loan out things you can live without. Please be responsible with your friends things and return them in a timely fashion. This way we can help each other out in times of need and everyone wins.

As the saying goes, “Trust but verify”.

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