IKEO Mobile App

Share with your Social Network by Borrowing or Lending items to friends with our easy to use item tracker!

Buy and Sell items you have sitting around, list them for sale in a virtual private garage sale with no expiration!

Get more use out of the stuff you already own! Make it accessible to friends you trust


Use the IKEO Mobile App to manage and track items in your own personal inventory. Only approved friends you allow are able to view your items available. With the IKEO app you able to keep an inventory of your things and where it is. 

Look below to see what IKEO can do for you.



Borrow and Lend things with family members 

Buy & Sell

Buy and Sell unused items around the house or in storage


Offer things you no longer want to your social network


Create a private inventory which you can search at anytime



Set items in your inventory to share them with friends and family. These are only made available to people that you accept as friends. Our goal is to provide a safe space to build community resources between those you trust.

Buy and Sell

Search your social network for things no longer wanted. The secondary market is full of useful items that can still be used by a friend! Save time and put it in your inventory. Since there's no expiration, you don't have to worry about constantly maintaining your listing on auction sites or classifieds. IKEO uses PayPal payments so that you can get your money faster. Payments are done via P2P. Set your PayPal address in the settings and that's it or use your paypal to make a purchase. 

Give and Ask

The IKEO app allows you to give the item away and make it available to your social network. There's no expiration or need to worry about a feed. It's all categorized so if someone needs it down the line they can ask. You have the option to give if you want or not. 

Private Collections

If you want to keep a searchable database of your belongings use our private setting. This sets your item so that only you can see it. You can search your belongings at anytime using our search feature. This feature is useful for keeping track of receipts and other information that gets lost over time.