How it works

You can use IKEO in a few different ways. How it works is when we buy things, there is usually a period where it is highly used and then eventually we lose interest. When we lose interest, we may not want to sell it to a stranger on Craigslist or Ebay, but would still like to get some use out of it. Trusting strangers is hard and why not leverage the time we’ve already spent building our social network as an asset. Extend our neighborhoods to our social networks and help each other save money with money we’ve already spent.

Private inventory:

If you want to keep tabs of items and warranty information or organize items for insurance purposes. We want to help you itemize and categorize your belongings.

Add an item and snap a few photos.

Enter a description about the item

Select Private and add any notes you might want for yourself. Like purchase date & price and where you kept it.

Buy & Sell:

Once you are done using something, add an item to the system or edit a private item and flip the switch to sell the item to friends and family. Use our in app payments to accept payment directly via paypal. To keep the services running, we charge a 5% fee to the seller flat rate. We are partnered with PayPal to make payments as easy as logging in to your paypal account and pressing pay now. Using our chat system, you can setup how to arrange pickup or drop off of the item.

Share & Borrow:

Save money and help a friend out by offering some goods to friends. When you have an active inventory available to friends, they can search and find things you might have lying around and use it, which saves them money. If you are looking for something, it can save you money with “extra” stuff just sitting around. Best of all, you are just borrowing from a friend or family member. Keep track of who borrowed from you, who you are lending to, and for how long with our system. You will have the ability to “Request” items back where you can then arrange for pickup or delivery in the chat system.

There are no rating systems. You decide if you want to let someone borrow an item. We display what items they have on loan and for how long. You do not have any obligation to lend anything to anyone.


If you have extra items you would rather give to friends or family than donate. We provide an option for you to post free items that you no longer want or need.