Why do you require Facebook login?

We want to make sure that the people who use our system have already been checked. We leverage your existing social network using Facebook friends. Our goal is to have a space where REAL people interact with each other you and your friends already know each other. We piggy back that system rather than having you start from scratch. We want to protect your privacy and facebook security is pretty good. We tie the profile to the person so only one account for that facebook account can be used.

How do you do shipping?

We provide a chat system for you and your friends to arrange payment, delivery, or pickup.

You can use PayPal multiorder shipping and receive a discount by using their system to mail items out.

What’s the point of this service?

We trust our friends to a certain extent and know who is reliable. Occasionally, we’re all in need of a little help or would like to save a few bucks here and there. We believe people generally want to help each other, but we don’t want random people to see what we have or take advantage of our willingness to help. So we’ve build an application that leverages people that you already know and gives you the ability to help them if you want or can. During time of consumerism, isn’t it nice not to have to buy something new that you use once and put away? A community share or pool is a nice thing to have available to your friends and family.

When I first moved into my place, I didn’t want to have to buy a bunch of equipment. I borrowed ladders, tools, levels, tape measures, etc. and even purchased a few things. Now they sit around while my friends move. When they need some tools, they can do a search in the app and find a friend that has what they are looking for available.

What is your fee? 

We charge a flat 5% fee on all For Sale transactions that is taken once an item is sold. There are no listing fee’s or other fee’s that IKEO will charge. This fee goes to cover our development and hosting costs. We feel this is a smaller fee than the majority of our competitors and we are able to lower the fee’s because you are dealing with friends.

Who processes your transactions?

We use PayPal Adaptive payments to process our transactions. We comply with all of their security standards for managing information

Why do I need to login to PayPal/Facebook?

We do not store any passwords and use authorization tokens that rely on the security framework that PayPal payments and Facebook login provides. This way, your password is protected by the best and most secure technology in the world. Once we’ve received the security token from the provider, its good for 30 days or until you logout.